Trading House «Kislovodskaya» LLC

Production and distribution of mineral water, soft drinks and snacks.
Our company
The Limited Liability Company "Trading House "Kislovodskaya" is a manufacturer of drinking mineral water and non-alcoholic carbonated beverages. We are developing by increasing the range of products.

The presence of our drinks on the market is not limited only to the Russian Federation. They are also in demand and successfully sold in neighboring countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

Regular shipment to Mongolia is underway.

Negotiations are underway on the supply of our mineral water to Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and to foreign countries: China, Vietnam, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.
Geographical presence of our products on the world market
Our products are present in the country's market
Our products are not available in the country's market
Negotiations are underway
Kislovodskaya celebnaya
Sulfate-bicarbonate magnesium-calcium therapeutic and table carbonated water of the "Sulfate narzan" type, for the domestic market of Russia.
Kislovodsky spring
Sulfate-bicarbonate magnesium-calcium therapeutic and table carbonated water of the "Sulfate narzan" type for the foreign market.
Mineral water
Kislovodsk health resort
We introduce the following brands to the market:
Under development
Cru de Chon
A series of everyday carbonated drinks "Cru De Shawn" of the "Lemonade" type
Non-alcoholic energy drinks Toxic & energy tea Alhaz
A series of festive carbonated drinks of the "Lemonade" type, in the "Children's champagne" class
Merry friends
We not only provide reliable delivery of products to our partners, but also provide marketing support.
Together with a partner (point of sale, chain of stores, we reduce prices for a certain period to stimulate an increase in sales
We independently introduce the population to the brands we produce, using media advertising and other ways of promotion
Marketing activities
We are interested in our products being sold, so we participate in the promotion of our brands
During promotions (discounts, etc.) with our partners, we launch advertising campaigns on popular Internet sites in order to inform the target audience
On our Internet resources we post information "Where to buy", in which we indicate information about the partner (link to the online store, or the address of the offline store).
Our contacts
+7 (495) 150-90-35
Moscow, Bolshaya Ochakovskaya str., 15, p.1

Trading house "Kislovodskaya" LLC
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