Merry friends
A line of carbonated drinks in a glass bottle of 0.75 l.
form factor "Champagne"
The series of soft drinks "Merry friends"
Our line of lemonades "Merry Friends" is created on the basis of specially prepared water and high-quality components. All flavors contain natural juice. The line of lemonades "Merry Friends" presents both favorite flavors and new original recipes.
Bright and attractive design of lemonades "Merry Friends" will be a wonderful decoration for a festive children's table!
Collection of flavors
of drinks "Merry friends"
Classic taste of your favourite lemonade.
"Barberry" is a pleasant combination of refreshing sourness and deep aroma of berries.
Delicate dessert taste based on milk, eggs and sugar.
It will improve your mood and give you positive emotions, fill you with a sense of celebration.
Juicy taste and unforgettable aroma of pears.
Duchess lemonade is a pleasure and a sunny mood on any day!
This drink successfully combines the taste of fragrant fresh raspberries and effervescent bubbles.
The company of young friends will definitely be delighted with this version of the festive table.
This drink will be an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the sweet and fragrant peach flavor without adding a lot of sugar.
Strawberries are one of the most fragrant and delicious berries, which makes the drink from it unique and pleasant to the taste. It has a bright and rich aroma that instantly lifts the mood and gives a feeling of joy.
1 box - 12 bottles
1 pallet - 36 boxes (432 bottles)
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