Cru de Shawn
a series of carbonated drinks "Cru de Shawn"
A series of drinks "Cru de Shawn"
This series of drinks is produced according to the latest recipes, while retaining time-tested GOST standards and tastes in combination with innovations and taking into account the desires of modern consumers.

These new combinations of favorite fruits have not only a pleasant and rich taste, but also contain healthy juice in their composition, as they are developed using high-quality natural ingredients.

Our range of drinks will delight you with interesting tastes combined with traditions, quality and innovation.
Collection of flavors
of Cru de Shawn drinks
Mango-Passion Fruit-Coconut
A rich and unforgettable tropical "explosion" of Mango and Passion Fruit, softened by the tenderness of coconut
A mix of sweet raspberries and exotic coconut - for lovers of vivid taste sensations
The combination of fragrant Quince with spicy Cardamom and spicy Chili will help you to travel to the exotic tropics and quench your thirst
Juicy plum paired with sweet peach will give a fresh refined taste, and pepper will serve as a highlight, which will create a slight piquancy to the drink
Quince-Apple flowers
Delicate and fragrant apple blossoms, enveloping the tart taste of Quince - suitable for connoisseurs of light and unobtrusive tastes
The combination of fragrant Ginger and rich Mint together with sharp notes of Lemongrass spice will convey a feeling of cool freshness and the taste of juicy citrus.
The familiar taste of candied Pear in our drink in combination with southern Kiwi will play with completely new colors
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